Drink Menu

    • Signature Cocktails

    • Mr. Brown

      Housemade Cherry Sage Infused Bourbon,
      Applejack Brandy, Luxardo Cherries, Ginger Beer,
      Lemon Twist, Spanked Sage

    • Old Fashioned

      Muddled Luxardo Cherry, Orange, Sugar,
      Scrappy’s Bitters, Whiskey, Ice Ball

    • Dirty Bleu Martini

      Vodka and Olive Juice Shaken, Served up with
      House Stuffed Bleu Cheese Olives

    • Gourmethattan

      Housemade Cherry Sage Infused Bourbon,
      Inbue Petal & Thorne Vermouth, and Luxardo

    • GBC

      Hendricks Gin, Muddled Basil & Cucumber,
      Lime Juice, Housemade Coriander Lemongrass
      Simple Syrup, Tonic Water, On the Rocks

    • Sazerac Rye

      Rye Whiskey, Absinthe,
      Orleans Bitters, Sugar cube

    • Infused

      Housemade Blackberry and Pineapple Infused
      Vodka, Shaken & Served up

    • Rosemary Bourbon Sour

      Bourbon, Cardamon Lemon Juice,
      Housemade Rosemary Syrup, Ice ball

    • Margarita

      Tequila, Gran Marnier, Housemade Mix, shaken,
      served blended or on the rocks

    • Mojito

      White Rum, Muddled Mint,
      Housemade Mint & Lime Syrup, on the rocks

    • Pimm’s Cup

      Pimm’s No. 1 liqueur, Muddled Cucumber and
      Mint, Lemon and Orange wheels, and Ginger
      Beer, on the rocks

    • Mules

    • GG Mule

      Housemade Pineapple and Blackberry Vodka
      Infusion , Lime, Ginger Beer

    • OG Mule

      Vodka, Lime, Ginger Beer

    • Kentucky Mule

      Bourbon, Lime, Ginger Beer